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  • Pete Helgren
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    When I connect to a DB I am using (DB2 on IBM i) I need to first run a procedure (stored procedure more or less) that is a pretty expensive, long process. On the IVR framework I am replacing with VDP, I had a “connection” step where I could run that procedure and I would reuse that connection throughout the entire call. That is a very efficient way to handle a DB connection and it worked well. Is there anything similar in the IS? That is, a way to persist a connection for the duration of the call?

    I haven’t quite figured out how to “mimic” this behavior. I have enabled connection pooling but it looks like IS connects and disconnects with each query that is run which seems inefficient.


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    Hello Pete,

    IS does not support store procedures.
    Try to reorganize it to work with regular SQLs.

    Regarding the connection, check the Database properties (right click on the database name under the Database Resources, all at IS View within Visual Dialplan).
    There are two tabs, Connection and Pooling with lots of parameters.
    For parameters description, check the Integration Server documentation.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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