Integration Server (IS) is powerful application server specially designed to simplify access to the third party servers (e.g. database servers, email servers, payment servers, etc.) directly from the Asterisk dialplan.

Integration Server comes with Visual Dialplan building blocks that provide intuitive interface to execute SQL queries on a remote database server (MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, HSQL etc.), send emails, process credit cards and more, directly from within the dial plan. It also extends Visual Dialplan with fully featured SQL query editor, email template designer and payment editor.

Installation options
There are two options to install Integration Server.
One option is to install it during the Visual Dialplan installation. That is optimal for development purposes.
The other options is to install it separately, on separate server. This option is recommended for production environment.

How does it work – Technical view
Integration Server (IS) is standalone server application that communicates with Asterisk server through AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) and acts as an AGI server that completes AGI requests initiated from Asterisk dialplan. These AGI calls can be simple database queries (database IS module) but also quite complex billing and credit card processing requests (additional IS modules are required), or other advanced functionalities depending on the modules loaded in the Integration Server.

Apstel Integration Server

Visual Dialplan deploys traditional extensions.conf code to the Asterisk server. In case the Integration Server functionality is required this code will contain AGI calls to Integration Server. At the same time, Visual Dialplan deploys resources to Integration Server required for those AGI calls.

When new call arrives at the Asterisk server the dialplan is executed and AGI request are sent to the IS. IS executes appropriate module (execute queries, send emails, process credit cards etc.) and returns resulting value and control back to the Asterisk dialplan.

How does it work – User view
Visual Dialplan comes with an Integration Server view, this is where the connection to the IS should be defined.
Open this view and define a connection to the IS. Once the IS node is created, you can expand it and define connection to other servers and services supported by IS (e.g. DB server).

Now you are ready to use the appropriate building blocks to call that particular IS functionality from within the dialplan (DB building block from IS sheet in this case).

It is that simple.

Free usage
Full functional free of charge Integration Server can be downloaded from our web site. Simply click on the Download button below and you will get the latest Integration Server. It is not the trial version, it is full functional software that comes with one free license for database module, one free license for email module and one free license for payment module. We do not charge for this.

You can download and install Integration Server as many times as you wish. If your needs grow and you want to handle more than one concurrent call with your dial plan, you will need to purchase additional Integration Server licenses.

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Apstel Integration Server
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  • Easily integrate dial plan with databas, email server or credit card processor
  • Major databases support including MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Sybase
  • Major email servers support including Gmail, Exim, Sendmail
  • Credit card processing through