How to dial out VoIP provider from Asterisk dial plan

Visual Dialplan tries to easier your dial plan development by offering a list of channel types and peers you already have configured at the Asterisk server.
For example, open Dial block property window, select SIP for the type and you will get a list of SIP peers configured at your Asterisk server (assuming you defined proper connection to your Asterisk server).

This is very useful feature that will save you hours of fixing wrong peer names but sometimes you need to dial remote peer that is not defined at your Asterisk server and consequently not offered in the drop down list at Dial block.
For example you want to dial out to (VoIP provider) through SIP channel (for example you want to dial out 12345 peer at BroadVoice –

No problem, simply do not choose from offered list of Types and Resources but rather type in the whole peer address in the Type field at Dial block: