Include existing Asterisk dial plan

Include functionality is available at the main menu (Dialplan –> Include…).

You can include existing traditional Asterisk dialplan code or part of the existing traditional Asterisk dialplan code into Visual Dialplan and keep maintaining that part of the dialplan in a traditional way by coding dialplan outside of the Visual Dialplan.

Include functionality does not transform included Asterisk dialplan code to the Visual Dialplan i.e. it does not generate graphical diagram based on the included dialplan code, but rather include the dialplan code generated outside of the Visual Dialplan into the code generated with the Visual Dialplan.

Include will be completed at the Asterisk server side after you deploy Visual Dialplan. In other words, you are responsible for creating, maintaining and uploading (to Asterisk server) traditional Asterisk dialplan code you want to be included.


Include may significantly speed up transition of traditional Asterisk dialplan code to Visual Dialplan. You can reuse existing dialplan code, include it into Visual Dialplan, and then port one by one context to Visual Dialplan.