How to upgrade or downgrade Asterisk dial plan

Visual Dialplan will perform most of the upgrade (or downgrade) tasks automatically and provide hints on possible issues or suggest manual updates if needed.

To upgrade or downgrade the dial plan please select the Dialplan –> Version… option from the main menu.
You will be presented with the current dial plan version number and the drop down menu with the list of supported versions to upgrade/downgrade the dial plan to. Simply select the dial plan version you want to upgrade/downgrade to and click on the ‘Upgrade’ button.


Although we tried to make this procedure automatic, as much as possible, it can not be completely automated and after the upgrade/downgrade you would probably need to update some of the dial plan components manually.
So please Validate the dial plan after the upgrade/downgrade (Dialplan –> Validate option from the main menu) and fix potential warnings or errors.

Important note:
We strongly recommended you to backup your current dial plan before upgrading/downgrading it.
There is no simple way back to the previous version after you upgrade/downgrade the dial plan.