Visual PBX

VisualPBX is complete software PBX, packed with all the ‘plumbing’, and ready to be installed and used. It comes as an ISO image with complete Linux distribution, Asterisk PBX, drivers and Apstel Visual GUI. These components are automatically installed, connected and configured so the PBX is operational immediately after the installation.

VisualPBX is a click away
Download the ISO package and see how easy Asterisk configuration and IVR development can be.
Install and run VisualPBX in 5 minutes. Really.

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  • Simple configuration and maintenance
  • Drag and drop user interface
  • Asterisk or Linux knowledge is NOT required
  • Open standards supported
  • VisualPBX Quick Start Guide

Visual Dialplan Professional

Visual Dialplan Professional is revolutionary visual modeling platform that enables Asterisk users to create, maintain and deploy dial plan in an easy, fast, convenient and natural way. It takes advantage and comfort of windows user interface with drag and drop capabilities and combine it with large component library, predefined samples (templates) and makes Asterisk dial plan development easy and fun.

Visual Dialplan comes with bundled Apstel Integration Server to easy access to all major databases, email servers and to process credit cards.
Simply model, don’t code!

Free trial
Full functional free of charge trial version of Visual Dialplan can be freely downloaded. The only trial version limitation is the number of dial plan savings, but it is set to some high number.

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  • Intended for Asteris users, consultants and professionals
  • Manage 2 Asterisk servers
  • Ability to add more servers
  • Support all major GUis including Elastix, ASteriskNOW, PIAF, trixbox
  • Create unlimited dial plans
  • Bundled Integration Server
  • Installs and runs on user desktop machine

Apstel Integration Server

Integration Server (IS) is powerful application server specially designed to simplify access to the third party servers from the Asterisk dialplan. It comes with Visual Dialplan building blocks that provide intuitive interface to execute SQL queries on a remote database server (MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, HSQL etc.), send emails, process credit cards and more, directly from within the dial plan. It also extends Visual Dialplan with fully featured SQL query editor, email template designer and payment editor.

Free usage
Full functional free of charge Integration Server can be downloaded from our web site. Simply click on the Download button below and you will get the latest Integration Server. It is not the trial version, it is full functional software that comes with one free license for database module, one free license for email module and one free license for payment module. We do not charge for this.

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  • Easily integrate dial plan with databas, email server or credit card processor
  • Major databases support including MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Sybase
  • Major email servers support including Gmail, Exim, Sendmail
  • Credit card processing through