Configure extensions

This article explains how to create and configure extensions in VisualPBX.

All the objects creation and configuration in VisualPBX appears on Configuration view.

Extension at VisualPBX is created by simply dragging and dropping Extension block from blocks palette to the Working area:

  1. Open VisualPBX Configuration view by clicking on the Configuration option in the top navigation.
  2. Drag and drop Extension block from the left blocks palette to the central area (working area).

You just created your firs Extension in VisualPBX.

The next step is to configure it.

The object configuration appears within the Properties windows (vertical area on the right side).
You can open block Properties window by double-clicking the block on working area (not the block on blocks palette on the left).

Let’s configure newly created extension:

  1. Double click extension block you just dropped on the working area. On the right side you will get block’s properties.
  2. Fill in mandatory properties for extension: enter Extension number (100 for example) and Secret (100 for example). You can also change the Extension type (IAX, SIP etc.) and add or change many more parameters to fine tune the extension behavior but the name and secret are enough to get started with extensions.
  3. Deploy this change to VisualPBX by clicking on the Apply changes button positioned at the top right side of the working area.

VisualPBX configuration

That’s it, you are done.

The extension is created and configured.
Repeat these steps for several more extensions and start calling each other.
It will work automatically.

Do not forget to register SIP phones (using their own GUI) in order to make calls.

Note: Each option at Properties windows has its own tooltip – just position the cursor over the field label and the help will appear.

Experiment with other properties, all the help you need is already there in the tooptips.
Try it and figure out how to:
* configure voicemail
* set ring time (number of seconds to ring before going to voicemail)
* set caller ID
* change DTMF mode
* define ring group

Play with it, have a fun!