How to deploy the dial plan

Before deploying the dial plan you should first check it against errors.
To validate the dial plan select Validate button. This button (Image) can be found both in the title menu, and in the icons at the top of the window.


Once you are satisfied with the dial plan you would like to deploy it.

One very convenient feature of Visual Dialplan is the ability to remotely deploy Asterisk dial plan to Asterisk server with a single press of a button. This makes it very easy to test your Asterisk dial plans out quickly and efficiently.

Simply select Dialplan –> Deploy (Image) from the main many and Visual Dialplan will SSH to your remote Asterisk server and do the rest of the job.

You will be presented with a box to confirm the remote deployment. Just click yes, and it will do its job. Few seconds later a confirmation window appears. The Asterisk Dialplan is successfully deployed to the server.


Some users may disallow root ssh logins. They usually have Asterisk service running as its own user and they can not securely modify /etc/asterisk and its files. In that case you should deploy to a symbolic link in your home directory (or some other) to a file in the Asterisk directory with the proper permissions. Make sure you validate your Asterisk dial plan before you deploy it to Asterisk server. This will make the whole process go a lot smoother.

You can verify the Deployed Asterisk dial plan by editing the file, like this: