Jun 23th 2015

VisualPBX, the next generation software PBX

Several years ago we started work on new project with a simple goal – create an easy to use but powerful PBX distribution based on Asterisk open source, the PBX distribution that anyone can install, configure and use, easily. No Asterisk, VoIP or Linux knowledge is required.

With extensive experience in developing visual modeling tools for Asterisk and VoIP market, and huge feedback from Visual Dialplan community, we were able to create a specification for such a PBX and we started the work.

Today, after many months of hard work, designing, coding, redesigning and then recoding, we proudly announce availability of VisualPBX beta release.

VisualPBX Is complete software PBX, packed with all the ‘plumbing’, and ready to be installed and used. It comes as an ISO image with complete Linux distribution, Asterisk PBX, drivers and Apstel Visual GUI with drag-and-drop configuration and call flow development environment. These components are automatically installed, connected and configured so the PBX is operational immediately after the installation.
It is the software PBX as it should be.

VisualPBX is currently in beta release.
Download the ISO package and see how easy PBX configuration and IVR development can be.

Download VisualPBX now